Laserbasiskurs SGML (Englisch) Bellinzona

The LBK is an 8-hour course about general laser knowledge. (Leadership Medical leadership: Dr. med. Bettina Rümmelein, Dermatology, Member of the FMH, Certified trainer for the laser classes I, II, III, IV, V und VI, President of the SGML Technical leadership: Hans-Peter Diesner, electrical engineer with focus on laser technology since 1977)

The focus of the course relies on various contents of the laser protection course, such as safe use of lasers, unintentional effects, protection or the right choice of laser types and parameters. In the medical part, Dr. Rümmelein discusses opportunities, barriers and side effects of laser treatments on the skin based on many clinical cases.

There will be a performance control at the end of the course. The LBK is recognised by the Laserkommission FMCH as part of the aquisition for the Certificate of Competence for specialists. The event is certified with 6 Creditpoints from the Laserkommission FMCH and 4 Creditpoints from the SGDV.


Location: Scuola Club Migros Bellinzona, Piazza Rinaldo Simen 8 - 6500 Bellinzona, Room: Aula 11 - 2 piano
Costs: For participants of the SGML CHF 335.–. For non-participants CHF 485.–.

Coffee break snacks and lunch are included.

Datum, Uhrzeit 31.10.2019 8:30
Termin-Ende 31.10.2019 17:00
Einzelpreis CHF 485.00
Scuola Club Migros Bellinzona
Piazza Rinaldo Simen 8 - 6500 Bellinzona
Scuola Club Migros Bellinzona
CHF 485.00