Certificate of Competence

In Switzerland, it is possible to obtain a so-called certificate of competence as a specialist. This may be officially mentioned on the business card or practice plate, for example, together with the title of specialist. In the case of laser medicine, it is called the "Fähigkeitsausweis für Laserbehandlungen der Haut und hautnahen Schleimhäute (FMCH)". The certificate is open to all medical specialists. In principle, only those physicians should treat skin and mucous membrane with lasers who have treated these organs with other methods up to now or have the appropriate competence.

In order to obtain this title, the specialist must complete an assessment programme. The Laser Commission (www.laserkommission.ch) is responsible for implementing the skills programme and issuing the certificate of proficiency. It is also responsible for the recognition of training centres and training events. FMCH is the legal umbrella organisation to which all nine professional associations belong.
The competence program is divided into 6 types (I to VI). A basic physics course (laser basic course) of 8h under medical supervision without industrial support is obligatory for all laser types. In addition, there is an internship during which a defined number of treatments must be attended.

The certificate of proficiency must be recertified every 5 years. In order to be able to apply for recertification, you must undergo regular further training and present at least 60 credits. The training courses must also be accredited by the Laser Commission. You will find a wide range of courses in the annual programme.

For specialists only

The way to a certificate of competence

Basic Laser Course

The basic laser course can be completed at different locations. However, the course must be approved by the Laser Commission (FMCH). List of the laser commission

Request to the Laser Commission
As soon as you have fulfilled all the conditions, you can send an request to the Laser Commission. The form can be found here.
The internship for the corresponding laser class must be completed at a training facility recognized by the Laser Commission, such as the Smartaging Swiss Academy. Forms
Internship Agreement Doctor German
Internship Agreement Doctor English